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Tutenstein, Luxor, Natasha, Kyle, Jake...


Set, Underworld Demons

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The Awakening

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Clash of the Pharaohs

Cleopatra "Cleo" Carter is a twelve-year-old biracial African-American girl who enjoys Egyptology. She's implied to be a descendant of the the famous female pharaoh, Cleopatra.

She wears purple trousers and an orange midriff T-shirt. She lives with her mother.

Cleo is intelligent, curious, and mature for her age but still shows signs of selfishness and can lose control of her temper. She has a passion for Egyptology and is very knowledgeable about mythology and legends. Since her passion for egyptian history is quite strong she hangs around her uncle's museum. It was her desire to have a more authentic display in the museum—since her uncle did not know know where the Staff of Was was supposed to be positioned—which prompted her to place it where it was meant to be; near Tutankhensetamun's sarcophagus. It was this correction which helped awaken Tut from his slumber inside his sarcophagus.

After chasing her cat, Luxor, into the museum she accidentally brought Tutankhensetamun back to life and they became fast friends. She often argues with him over his immaturity and selfishness but it is clear that she would prefer life with him than without him. Cleo is often Tut's "voice of reason" and is the one who helps him realize when makes mistakes. It is usually her job to hide Tut and cover up his antics so he is not discovered.

Luxor is Cleo's cat, he gained the ability to speak when Tut was revived. The two get along well but Luxor's loyalties are firmly with Tut, this means he very rarely speaks up against his master's orders leaving Cleo to deal with the fallout.

Cleo also has two good friends, Natasha and Kyle, and has a crush on a skateboarder named Jake.



  • Cleo's favorite color is pink.
  • Cleo is voiced by Crystal Scales, who also voices Libby Folfax from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
  • She is a bit of a tomboy.
  • She is Horace Behdety's niece.
  • Cleo's first is the same as the female pharaoh, Cleopatra, while her last name references Howard Carter, who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb.
  • Cleo is shown in "Clash Of The Pharaohs" to be in appearance, a younger version of Cleopatra as she is mistaken as being the Egyptian Queen during the movie.


  • Cleo bears a close resemblance to, and shares last name with, Trixie Carter from American Dragon, Jake Long, which is in New York, which Tutenstein is also believed to be set.