Curse of the Pharaoh

Ammut the Devourer is summoned by El Zabkar to rid the world of Tutenstein as he believed him to be part of a Curse of the Pharaoh. She chased the mummy boy across some of the city and through the subway, getting close several times to end him, but failed. As Tut, Cleo and Luxor run through the park, Ammut reached El Zabkar again and stated she needed more hearts to sate her hunger—in this case, El Zabkar's own heart. Protesting that he was not dead, Ammut replied "Yet" before turning on him.

As she chased the man into the Museum, Tutenstein saved him by voluntarily taking the Weighing of the Heart test. Tut's heart was deemed pure, and Ammut was cast back down into the pits of the underworld.


  • This is the Second Episode of the first Season. Its original airdate was November 8, 2003.