Professor Horace Behdety


The owner of the Museum, professor Horace Behdety is something of an ego more obsessed with his own importance instead of the museums. He more than often tends to cause himself quite a bit of trouble - or, his own ego.

At one occasion, he hired a man to gain publicity for the museum - and more 'importantly' to him, to look better, when the man he hired turned out to slowly sell out the whole museum, and framing Behdety for it. Thankfully, the man was arrested, thanks to the intervention of Tut, Cleo and Luxor - and Behdety was none the wiser. (Editor Note: Which he rarely is at all!)

He also had his named mispelled repeatedly as 'Bedwetty', as seen in the second Episode of the first season, 'Curse of the Pharaoh'.

Behdety is the type of boss who pushes people around and tells them what to do, unless he is on television. On television, he wants to be seen as a kind and caring person, when he actually isn't. He underpays the workers in the museum and makes a man by the name of Walter, do unrequired and hard work.

King Tut believes that the ancestors of Behtedy are far more honourable than himself. But in fact, the Professor's name is the same name as the falcon god Horus, who is also known as Behdety.

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