Luxor is the very wise and friendly cat that belong to Cleo Carter. Even when he was a kitten Luxor was chosen to become a protector of pharaohs, but ended up being Tutenstein's right-hand cat. Luxor's appearance resembles an gyptian cat, as it is somewhat different to other cats' appearances. In 'I Did it my Way', Luxor was dressed like a proper egyptian cat and was seen patrolling around in the cart with Tut.

Cleo's cat. Once considered an ordinary cat, when Tut was brought back to life, he was compelled to be ever loyal to his new "master" and gained the ability to talk. Even thought Cleo was nervous at first, Luxor was beside Tut when he first awoke and has guarded him ever since. Luxor is often risking his life for Tut and is his friend for life, though Tut often sends him to doing chores.

Luxor is often the voice of reason for Tut. He is very gullible sometimes.

He is often prone to sarcastic remarks although he's usually polite with his sarcasm, as loyal as he is to Tut.

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  • He is voiced by David Lodge.
  • He is similar to Chrissy Lum from Maya and Miguel because both of them are gullible and the voice of reason.