Natasha is Cleo's best friend. She doesn't really know much about Tut, but has seen him a few times, remaining oblivious to the fact that he's an actual mummy. Tut became infatuated with her and wanted to make her his queen, so he placed her under a love spell. The Boy King decided to remove it when he realized that the two really had nothing in common. Natasha has no recollection of this. Natasha also has the bad habit of lying, which often leads to her own undoing. Natasha has a little brother. Cleo's nickname for Natasha is "Nat". Natasha has a crush on Kyle. In the episode "The Truth Hurt's", she is portrayed as a liar and somehow gains Cleo's trust again. Natasha seems to be one of the main friends in the picture, though Tutenstein is Cleo's other main friend.